Our Lady of Roses

An Earth Pilgrimage

A Pilgrimage is made on foot
to experience a place and adjust
to the ancient rhythm of walking.

Pilgrims visit a hallowed place as an act of Spiritual Devotion. They add to the Power of a Sacred Place by praying, receiving blessings, giving thanks, and communing with the Divine.

This Pilgrimage on Nose Hill is dedicated to Our Lady of Roses and is experienced through praying the Rosary.

We gather at the foot of the Hill and trek up to the pilgrimage site with roses, rosary beads, and our intentions. When we arrive on sacred ground to reconnect with the Spirit of the Divine Mother, we are as children, open to receive Her Blessings.

Since 2008 these pilgrimages have been steadily growing and as always, all are welcome.


Preparation for
Your Pilgrimage
  • Bring 5 Roses, Rosary (rosaries and instructions are made available).
  • Dress for inclement weather; extra layers, scarf's, gloves, bug spray
  • Sturdy footwear for trekking up and down the Hill
  • Water bottle
  • Other items; cameras, kleenex

This pilgrimage is approximately
2 hours.
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