The Unfolding of a Spiritual Journey

The story begins in 1978 when we moved to Calgary, Alberta. My heart was filled with great sadness as I left my family in Ontario.

Our home looked on to what appeared to me – a barren hill – no large trees adorned this hill which was so unfamiliar to me. Each day I would stand by my front window staring out on the hill with tears flowing down my cheeks. One day I noticed that on top of the hill were three electrical poles. I was taken a back for the image I was looking at was the one so etched in my mind since childhood – three crosses on Calvary (Calgary).

After that awareness came to me, no longer could I look out the window without bringing to mind – Christ, Crosses, Calvary.

Good Friday was important to me even as a child. Always wondering will the sky cloud over and rain at 3pm, the time Christ died on the cross. So each Good Friday I carried on the tradition as I looked out the window onto the hill.

Soon I began to walk on the hill. Whenever I was by what now became the crosses in my imagination, I would say a prayer and touch the middle cross.

This was the beginning days of Nose Hill becoming a Spiritual Sanctuary for me.

On April 2, 1995, there was a grass fire on the hill. In springtime it is not uncommon to have a few small grass fires. This was different. This fire was a blazing spectacle like we had never seen before. People were lined up along 14th Street to watch the enormous fire burn out of control as the helicopters and firefighters did their best to contain it.

The next morning I went for a walk, the smell of smoke lingering in the air, fire embers still burning and the ground black as charcoal. It felt like a land ravaged by war.

As the days and weeks past, I began to notice the new growth that poked through the charred black ground. I could not help but be in awe of the unstoppable force of Life and how Life prevailed after what appeared to be such a force of destruction.

How I was able to understand the symbol of the Phoenix on such a deeper level as I walked through the transformative cycle – dried dead grass, fire, ashes, rebirth ! Everything was more beautiful than before the fire, partly because of nutrients from the ashes.

One day I became aware that the three crosses were burned down and they were never replaced.

What the symbolized for me was now is the time for each of us to take responsibility to do our best to embody the consciousness of Love that Christ planted on the earth two thousand years ago as we exit the Piscean Age and enter into the Aquarian Age.

To me the Christ consciousness is the conscious expression of the Spiritual Qualities of Love – Creativity, Peace, Power, Obedience, Willingness, Delight, Adventure, Balance, Harmony, Humor, Compassion, Truth, Integrity, Confidence, Honesty, Passion – True Spiritual Expression.

It was after the Transformative Fire that a Spiritual Journey and map that took 2 ½ years to complete unfolded. It is called The Legend of Knows Hill.

The Crocus is the symbol for Rebirth on the hill to me since it is the first flower to make an appearance after winter.

The Crocus is the symbol for The Legend of Knows Hill.

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