Chris Smith
(Bio - 1946-2018)

Chris Smith trained as a Radiotherapy and
X-ray Technologist. Due to an illness in 1982, she began to explore alternative healing modalities to assist in her recovery.

Over the years, she studied Iridology, Rayid Eye Analysis, Educational Kinesiology, Flower Essences and other Energy Healing Techniques.

She taught at the Wild Rose College of Natural Healing for 25 years. She has given lectures and taught workshops on various topics relating to her knowledge she has gained over the years in the Holistic Health.

She has a great interest in the various expressions of Spirituality, Holy Places and Sacred Sites all over the world.

She has traveled extensively to explore these Sacred Sites and places of Pilgrimage, hence her passion about sharing the Sacredness of Pilgrimages.

Chris lives in Calgary, Alberta with her husband Tom and her family - Lorenzo, Laura and granddaughter, Ashlyn.

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