Note: The white cowboy hats on the angels.
This image was found in the chapel that was built in 1531 on the top of Tepeyac Hill, Mexico City
after Our Lady of Guadaloupe left roses on the sacred hill. The English translation for Tepeyac is NOSE HILL!

The Temple of Our Lady of Roses
(the Fairy Tale)

Once upon a time in the Land of Knows Hill there was a Sacred Temple. Oh my goodness, not a Temple that has four walls and a door to step through to pray. This Temple had no walls at all, just the open space of nature.

Why the interior of this Temple was a masterpiece. It had a way of changing with each season which was such an amazing experience to behold.

It had different distinct rooms, again not rooms made by man, but rooms of hills, valleys and open spaces.

As the people entered each room, they could not help but feel blessed and in awe, experiencing the knowingness that there truly is something higher than themselves. Oh how this comforted them on their Journey through Life.

The Temple was dedicated to the Divine Mother of Heaven and Earth. Since the people knew she loved Roses, they named the Temple – Our Lady of Roses.

It was perfectly made for Her. Many thought it must have been designed by the Divine Mother Herself but others thought (and I tend to think so myself) that it was commissioned from Heaven and built by the Angels to show how much she is loved and adored, for it truly was a Heavenly Place on Earth.

How the people of Knows Hill would love to make the trek up the Hill to the Temple to Pray, Give Thanks and be held in the warmth, comfort and nurturance of Her Presence.

They knew how Life could get so busy and stressful with everyday challenges. They could also sense when they were losing connection with this Holy Place. They would feel their lives not working when feelings of anger, sadness, frustration, helplessness and when it got really bad – hopelessness.

So it truly was a healing experience to go to the Sacred Temple and to be enfolded in its Beauty and Peacefulness.

Once entering into the Temple of Our Lady of Roses, they could kneel at the ancient stone altars, some people even stretched out lying down on the larger stones to soak up the energy of these sacred monuments. Others were able to sit in the tall, luscious grasses next to a wild rose bush and be intoxicated from the scent of these precious flowers. Some people would walk ever so gently so as not to disturb the colorful mosaic of all the wild flowers that carpeted the Temple, listening intently to the joyful singing choirs of birds and feeling the warmth of the radiating sun on their shoulders.

Yes, everyone prayed differently in this Temple and it was all perfect - no judgement here on how one is to pray.

After their visit to the Temple of Our Lady of Roses, they would walk down the Hill having their hearts filled once more with Her Spirit.

Upon returning home the gifts of Compassion and Unconditional love poured forth from their hearts to their family and friends allowing Harmony and Balance to return once more.

How the people of Knows Hill had such Thankfulness and Appreciation for this most precious Temple. Knowing the Divine Mother was so ever present to listen, comfort and nurture them. They truly felt blessed.

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