Our Lady of Roses
(the Story)

Chris Smith has lived across from Nosehill since 1978. Over the years, she developed a great appreciation for the Sacred Hill which has nurtured, comforted and shared Her Beauty to her.

Childhood Memories of a procession dedicated to the Divine Mother held each May Day in Windsor, Ontario inspired Chris to create a Memory of Mary for her grand daughter.

Since 2008 on May 31st , Our Lady of Roses Celebration takes place. It was from this yearly celebration that in the Autumn of 2011, Chris began to take others on Nosehill so they may experience Pilgrimage and Prayer through Our Lady of Roses Pilgrimage.

PRAYER ... the act of communicating with the Divine.
PILGRIM ... is a traveler who is on a journey to a Holy Place to gain Divine Inspiration as an act of Thanksgiving or to demonstrate Devotion.
PROCESSION ... the act of participating with the Divine.

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